Aana Cetakaa

Twi'Lek Assassin


Aana was born into slavery on the fetid, swamp world of Nal Hutta. Her mother, a prostitute, resented getting pregnant as it resulted in lost business. She sold the newbown Aana to Bluga the Hutt, who raised her into his growing harem. Until she was old enough to engage in illicit activities, Aana was forced into manual labor and tending to the other women.

One day witnessed the murder of another companion, her friend, at the hands of a drunken client. Bluga ignored the incident and disposed of the body. Enraged, Aana broke free from her captors – killing several in the process – though Bluga survived. The Hutt placed a bounty on Aana’s head, and she fled the planet immediately.

Unfamiliar with the vast galaxy, Aana only made it to the moon before settling down and hiding. There, on Nar Shaddaa, she began hiring out her services as an assassin and mercenary.

Aana Cetakaa

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