Calla Jay

Human Medic


Considered short at 1.54m, Calla is naturally light-skinned, but with the freckles and color that show she’s spent her time in the sun. She keeps her hair short and usually tucked away under a bandana. It is dyed dark with purple streaks. She has light brown eyes, almost tawny-colored.


Calla Jay was born to bureaucratic parents and spent much of her early years traveling from planet to planet. Eventually her father was assigned to the remote and nearly destroyed world of Taris. Calla fell for Vin Fenix, a local swoop bike racer. Fenix whisked her away with promises of adventure, soon forming his own smuggler gang and operation. Calla didn’t mind that Fenix smuggled, stole and drank his way across the galaxy. It was his tactic of preying on the weakest targets – unsporting, in her book – that bothered her. Fenix was also notoriously bad at it, more often getting his gang shot to pieces than making a score. After two years of this, and tired of patching up an inept crew, Calla joined up as a medic for passing mercenaries and traveled out of Fenix’s range.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, Fenix managed to pick up a decent crew and some modicum of intelligence. Holding a grudge against his former girl, Fenix has continually hounded her. As a result, Calla strives to keep a low profile, careful to avoid anyone who may be linked to the Fenix Fire Gang.

Calla Jay

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