One of the more interesting concepts in Star Wars Saga Edition is the concept of talents. While any two Jedi or Soldiers will look more or less the same in class abilities and skills, it is their Talents that differentiate them. One Soldier might use his talents to become more skilled in ranged combat, while another might strive to be a master martial artist. Even at low levels, these two Soldiers will look and act very differently in combat. In literature and popular culture, characters are often just as, if not more, defined by their faults than their abilities. Anakin Skywalker was weak-willed, and this enabled Palpatine to manipulate him. Han Solo was notable for his mercenary attitude. Jabba the Hutt is remembered for…well, being a Hutt. These flaws, or drawbacks, lend color to the characters that have them.

In exchange for taking a Flaw, a character gets an extra talent of their choosing at character creation. Once selected the Flaw can only be removed by “losing” a talent normally gained later on. In either case, the Flaw in question should be discussed prior to incorporating into the character.



  • Abrasive Attitude: When using Persuasion to change attitudes, you must add an extra 5 to the DC.
  • All Thumbs: You suffer a -2 penalty to Mechanics and Use Computer checks.
  • Bad Luck: Once per game session, the GM can negate any success.
  • Bad Shot: You suffer a –2 penalty on all ranged attacks.
  • Bleeder: You cannot automatically stabilize when you are below 0 HP.
  • Clumsy: You suffer a -2 penalty to Acrobatics and Jump checks.
  • Cowardice: You will always maintain a defensive position until attacked. If you defeat your foe, you will attempt to hide or flee rather than engage another foe.
  • Driftless: You have no Destiny or background traits.
  • Easily Tired: You cannot take a Second Wind in combat, unless you gain extra uses later.
  • Faithless: When you spend a Force Point to bolster a roll, you roll d4’s instead of d6’s.
  • Frail: You have 5 fewer Hit Points than normal.
  • Hate Flying: You suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and Perception checks while in an air or space vehicle.
  • Honest: You suffer a -2 penalty to Deception and Stealth checks.
  • Impatient: Your character may never ‘take 10’ or ‘take 20’ on any skill check, no matter how much time he has.
  • Ineffective Racial Trait: You do not receive the benefit of one of the positive racial traits for your character.
  • Intolerance: You suffer a –5 penalty when making skill checks against a particular group.
  • Oblivious: You suffer a -5 penalty to Perception checks.
  • Overprotective: You suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and your Will Defense while more than 10’ away from an unconscious or helpless ally.
  • Pain Intolerant: If you take damage that surpasses both your Damage Threshold and your Will Defense, you move 2 steps down the condition track instead of 1.
  • Kraven: You cannot willingly disengage from battle if your Hit Points are higher than your Will Defense.
  • Scruffy-Looking: You suffer a –2 circumstance penalty on any Gather Information or Persuasion checks when dealing with someone of the other gender.
  • Short: Your movement speed and reach are reduced by 5’, or 1 square.
  • Slow Reflexes: You suffer a -2 penalty to your Reflex Defense.
  • Superstitious: When an ally uses the Force to aid or affect you, they must make a Use the Force check against your Will Defense with a -5 penalty.
  • Taboo Proficiency: You do not receive one of the starting weapon or armor proficiencies normally available for your class.
  • Weak Fortitude: You suffer a -2 penalty to your Fortitude Defense.
  • Weak in the Force: You suffer a -5 penalty to Use the Force checks.
  • Weak-Willed: You suffer a -2 penalty to your Will Defense.


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