Player Points

Player Points can be obtained by attending games and roleplaying both during and between games. They can be spent to advance a character personally, alter the campaign or trigger events of a player’s choosing.

Acquiring Player Points

  • Attending a Game: 100 Points
  • Submitting a Character Background: 100 Points
  • Post an Adventure Log/RP Thread Between Games: 100 Points
  • Post on the General Forum Between Games: 50 points
  • Exceptional Roleplaying During Games: Varies

Expenditure of Points

XP Purchase (Varies)
The player may gain experience points for one of their characters by spending an amount of Player Points equal to the Experience Points they wish to purchase.

Luck Re-Roll (300 points)
The character can re-roll any failed die roll. This option can be purchased and saved as many times as the player chooses.

Feat Swap-Out (500 points)
Lose one feat and take another that you qualify for instantly. Even during combat.

Talent Swap-Out (750 points)
Lose one Talent and take another that you qualify for instantly. Even during combat.

Storyline Alteration (1000 PP)
If a player wishes for a specific event, or series of events to take place for their character, this option can be purchased. The GM will work to alter the existing storyline to work in desired character-based theme or plot-changes. All changes are at the discretion of the GM, and all changes must make sense with the existing storyline. The hope is to reward good role players with the opportunity to be more involved in their character development by having some flexibility and control with the overall campaign storyline.

Level Back (2000 PP)
If a player wishes to spend player points to recover a lost level due to bringing in their backup character or other such bad luck, the level takes affect before the beginning of the next game.

Villain’s Bad luck (3000 GP)
The player can with the GM’s help can alter the storyline of the campaign to send bad luck to any antagonist of the game. Sample options would be:

  1. War on Two Fronts: Villain is faced with another adversary that splits his attention away from the party.
  2. Death of Important Subordinate: One of the antagonist’s agents – chosen by the player dies during down time.
  3. Base Retaken: A base of operations once controlled by the villain is taken by good forces.

Secondary Player-Character (5000 PP)
This will be a secondary player character for the player. The player will maintain full control of the character at all times. The character will start out at the level of the player’s primary character at the time of purchase -2, and will gain experience awarded per game session equal to what is awarded to the primary character (this will not subtract from the experience earned by the primary character or other players). The character will be generated by the GM, however the player may select the primary class of the secondary character. The gender, race, appearance, and back story will be defined by the GM, and the secondary character will be worked into the campaign as soon as is logical to the storyline. Also, the secondary character will come equipped with gear and possessions in the related class starter package as per the Core Rulebook.

Character Overhaul (7,000)
The player can completely rewrite the character only retaining background and personality. Items would be gone and new items would be selected using rules from the Core Rulebook for starting character wealth. New feats, skills, abilities, and even a new race and class can be selected.

More options may become available in the future…


A.J. H: 0 PP
Jordan L: 0 PP
Shannon S: 0PP

Player Points

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